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Ghost Hunters Academy – Buffalo NY

Posted by Aryn on December 4, 2009

Ghost Hunter Academy took their little group of student investigators to Buffalo New Yorks Central Station. Which was on of the coolest T.A.P.S. investigations to date.

So this is what you missed (seeing that I missed the last episode… sorry about that)!

Heathyr is out. Yes, our very favorite psychic is out – seems that all of her antics at not listing or doing what Steve and Tango wanted ended up hurting her in the end…

AND Jane Riley is in. A native resident of New Jersey, she has the New Jersey fire in her belly and it’s really pissing people off. (including my husband)

The entire team did a lot better on Wednesday and no one was sent home but right now all I have to say is the ONLY person who should feel safe is Karl.

Susan Slaughter (no relation to Mark Slaughter) has been scared into remission. Yes, she kinda went off on her own, endangering herself – but she did it for good reasons! She was in the moment and wanted to investigate! And after she was reprimanded and went off again (with a camera man this time) she heard the sound of trickling water by the now missing water fountain. Very cool.

Chris is still more gusto than action. He talks a big game but when it comes time to follow through… not so much.

Ben Smith – I keep forgetting his name. That is never a good sign on a reality show. To me it seem like he is more interested in being alone with Susan and/or Jane than doing his job. Maybe he has a little something, something deep down but I’m not seeing it. (obviously he must seeing he made the cut onto the show…)

That takes us to the Karl v Jane bitch-fest in the most haunted part of the station…

Miss Jane – I spent most of my night last night defending your honor because I’ve met you, not the real you, but women like you and you’re coming across to abrasive. If people are treating your poorly keep your nose clean and the truth will come out. Steve and Tango aren’t stupid men – they’ll see. But if you keep pointing fingers, its only you that’s going to be looking like the bad guy.


Ghost Hunters Academy airs on SyFy Wednesdays @ 10pm. AND if you’re looking to test out your Ghost Hunting MAD SKILLS! Guess who’s now taking audition taps? That’s right – Ghost Hunters Academy. That’s a good sign for you… and a not good sign for Chris, Ben, Karl, Susan & Jane – wonder who will be spending time with Heathyr soon…?


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Ghost Hunters & Mark Twain’s House!

Posted by Aryn on December 3, 2009

Last night our favorite Ghost Hunters went to Mark Twain’s house in Hartford, Connecticut!

And let me tell you… its was so cool!

Built in the late 1800’s Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) and his family lived in this beautiful home for 17 years. Upon the death of his oldest daughter, Susy, the family relocated shortly after.

The show opens up with the tour (that we love so much) and we learn about how a woman dressed in white has been seen all over the house – could it be that Susy never left? There is also talk of small children, loud noises, curtains moving on their own.

This was, by FAR, one of my favorite episodes. Besides the home being that of one of America’s best authors ever, the building is beautiful and the place had lots of wicked cool activity!

From streams of light being blocked by unseen bodies (this happened to Jason, Grant, Amy, Kris & Britt and Dustin too). Plus, on two occasion Britt and Dustin heard a loud thudding noise that sounded an awful lot like a pool ball hitting the floor.

Breezes passing them. Noises after they asked for confirmation of a spirits presence. And on and on and on…

The only thing that really stunk was that the DVR most of their evidence was recorded on died just 30 minutes into the review of evidence. Guess that mean T.A.P.S. will have to come back and investigate again! WOOHOO!

And if YOU want a chance to check out the amazing Twain House, I was told by a member of the staff there that in January they will be holding Ghost Tours! Which I think we should all check out! (what else is there to do in January?)

You can get more info on their Facebook page or click here, directly to their website!

[The Ghost Hunters have made their way onto Facebook now too!]

So check it out! AND… ON TO THE NEXT!

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Ghost Hunters – Pensacola Light House

Posted by Aryn on November 20, 2009

The Ghost Hunters were back in Pensacola Florida tonight to take us on a trip to a little light house known as the PENSACOLA LIGHTHOUSE!! (I typed that in a creepy voice)

Pensacola is a military time (for those of you out there that didn’t know that). A little movie called An Officer and a Gentlemen was shot there may moons ago – and to be very honest – Pensacola is a pretty cool location.

In the past of the Ghost Hunters, light houses seem to be a hot spot, just as military establishments seem to bring out the dead and have them wander freely for most to see and sometimes hear.

Pensacola Lighthouse was no exception!

Starting with Jason and Grant. They heard voices, had a few crazy hits on the K2 (that they couldn’t debunk) – they even heard women’s voices but Amy and Kris where no where near their location. But I have to say my favorite moment was when the light on Grant’s camera kept turning on and off – yes, the switched moved on its own – without any rhyme or reason! Grant even switched the light out with a new one, but the experience kept happening.

As for Dustin and Britt – the didn’t pick up much of anything. Honestly, I don’t think Dustin had any experiences, but Britt… when he was with Miss Bruni the felt someone walk “right fricken past” him and they heard tapping and voices when Amy was talking about Ella, a possible woman that had died in the lighthouse keepers room.

(The story was that someone was murdered there, but they crew couldn’t find proof of a murder. At some point it was mentioned to them that a woman had given birth – a rough birth – and had died a few weeks later. Ella would be the woman.)

But my favorite moment was when Amy and Kris had physical contact in the basement of the light house. Something patted Kris on the head as Amy felt a cool breeze pass her.

Over all a good time with the Ghost Hunters tonight AND next week… one of my favorite authors! Samuel Clemens! You may know him as Mark Twain.

No really. I wanna live here.

Ghost Hunters airs on SyFy on Wednesday @ 9pm!

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Ghost Hunters Academy – the USS North Carolina

Posted by Aryn on November 19, 2009

Ghost Hunters Academy.

Ohhhh… this show is GREAT! No seriously! First I’ll explain why…

We have Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango – two of my very favorite Ghost Hunters and T.A.P.S. members out there. Why do I love them so? They make me laugh! The two of them together is over all a good time, PLUS they’re good at what they do!

Second, college kids that don’t have a clue in the world.

This amuses me in regular “non-televised” world too. Let me tell you who I’m talking about:

Susan Slaughter (no relation to Sgt. Slaughter) – Susan is a “sensi” that is to say she can “feel” spirits and energy. This lead to her crying for no given reason, which is especially fun for everyone else when they don’t know she has a gift at all.

Heathyr Hoffman – Heathyr is psychic. She is young and blonde and doesn’t go on the tours because she doesn’t want it to affect her abilities when she is, later, ghost hunting. This leads to the whole group falling behind schedule so they can take her on a tour AFTER Steve and Tango have already done the tour.

Karl Pfeiffer – I like Karl, thus far. He seems to want this pretty bad and not in a petty way. In a “nose to the grindstone” kinda of way. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KARL!

Ben Smith – Ben’s from the same state as me, and he’s pretty quiet so I don’t have anything on him either…

But I saved the best for last!!

Chris McCune – Chris was a science major. At first I like that about him, what I’m not digging is the need for “glory” all the time. Seriously, dial it down Mr. Smarty Pants. There is no “I” in team (even if there is a “me”)

I missed the first episode, but I caught tonight’s! And boy was it fun!! On the regular Ghost Hunters you never see Steve and Tango so confrontational (well, at least since Brian has left), but on GHA – WOOHOO!

It’s fun. It’s fun to see what they really do, how much time and effort they put into their investigation and how much we don’t have a clue – which is shown by the kids over and over and over again.

If you haven’t seen¬†Ghost Hunters Academy it airs straight after Ghost Hunters on SyFy Wednesdays @ 10pmand it’s wonderful.


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